Meteora monastery Varlaäm

In the hierarchy of the Meteora monasteries Varlaäm occupies the second place. It was built in its current form in 1518, and was named after the devout hermit who retreated to this rock around 1350.

Varlaäm, a contemporary of Athanasius and Josaphat, had the idea to build a second large monastery on the rock just opposite the Great Meteoron. But only two hundred years later, two brothers from Ioannina, Nectarius and Theophanes would climb the rock again and realize the idea of ​​Varlaäm. Written sources show that the monastery church was completed in 1542, in twenty days' time.

Before that, however, it took 22 years to bring up the necessary material. It is said that Theophanes, who had been ill for 10 months in bed, suddenly got up from his bed when he heard that the work was finished. He could not believe his eyes, and thanked God and all his saints that he should have been through this. After he had gratefully blessed the monks and craftsmen, he returned to his bed with joy and died in peace.

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Meteora monastery Varlaäm
Meteora monastery Varlaäm

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