Unusual and beautiful architecture with odd and bizarre buildings, fantasy cottages, fairytale houses, gate lodges, cabins, tree, dome and funny hobbit houses

On our travels we often see beautiful and sometimes strange houses. I have a fascination with strange and nice buildings so I started collecting pictures of them and also found a lot on the internet. You can see a selection here.

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Amazon Tree House
Amazon Tree House
Tree house in the Cascade mountains
Tree house the Cascade
woodhouse inside
woodhouse inside
Finnish pine cabin in Scotland
Finnish pine cabin
Woodhouse with thatched roof
The Great Mosque of Djenné
Djenné mosque
Mind House of Gaudi in Barcelona
Mind House of Gaudi
Dome Rondavel in Africa
Dome Rondavel
Igloo‘s on the Faroe Islands in Denmark,
Iglo‘s in Denmark
Maya cottage in Mexico
Maya cottage
Beehive mud houses in ancient Mesopotamia
Mud houses in Haran
Ripley’s Museum in Ontario
Ripley’s Museum
Victorian mansion in New York
Victorian mansion
The Stone House in Portugal
The Stone House
Thadched roof cottage
Thadched roof cottage
Rustic cottage in park Campo del Moro in Madrid
Rustic cottage in park Campo del Morop
Flying saucer shaped house in Tennesee
Flying saucer shaped house
Gatelodge at Deanston in Scotland
Gatelodge at Deanston
Gatelodge in Randophs leap, Scotland
Gatelodge in Randophs leap
Gate lodge in Whiteface, Scotland
Gate lodge in whiteface

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