Unusual and beautiful architecture with odd and bizarre buildings, fantasy cottages, fairytale houses, gate lodges, cabins, tree, dome and funny hobbit houses

On our travels we often see beautiful and sometimes strange houses. I have a fascination with strange and nice buildings so I started collecting pictures of them and also found a lot on the internet. You can see a selection here.

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Mill in Copenhagen, Denmark
Mill in Copenhagen
Tamassos Bishop church in Russia
Tamassos Bishop church
Russian churches
Russian churches
Kaunas Castle is the oldest stone castle in Lithuania
Kaunas Castle
Nice house with thatched roof
House in Holland
Estate in Germany
Estate in Germany
Inveraray castle in Argyll, Scotland
Inveraray castle in Argyll
Just a tiny house with a thatched roof
Tiny house with thatched roof
Houses with stepped gables in Brugge.
Houses with stepped gables
Clay house in the village Leshten,Bulgaria
Clay house
Cob house
Cob house
Colorful cottage with thatched roof
Colorful cottage
Cottages in Wherwell, Hampshire
Cottages in Wherwell
Cottage in Wherwell, Hampshire
Cottages in Wherwell 2
Old Scottish house on the Culloden battlefield
Old Scottish house
Eighteenth century Adam house n Mellerstain, Scotland
Mellerstain House
Gatehouse of the Cally estate in Fleet, Dumfries
Gate lodge of Cally Estate
Castle Bien Beau in France
Castle Bien Beau
Lodge to Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk
Lodge Cockfield Hall
EcoDome homes are anti-seismic and have very good insulation properties.
Eco Dome house

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