Unusual and beautiful architecture with odd and bizarre buildings, fantasy cottages, fairytale houses, gate lodges, cabins, tree, dome and funny hobbit houses

On our travels we often see beautiful and sometimes strange houses. I have a fascination with strange and nice buildings so I started collecting pictures of them and also found a lot on the internet. You can see a selection here.

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Deenagh Lodge in Killarney, Ireland
Deenagh Lodge
Batty Langley Lodge
Batty Langley Lodge
The Schwedagon Pagoda is the largest temple in Myanmar.
The Convent, which is hidden in woodland on the Stourhead estate
Stourhead Estate
Santuario Santa Maria dell
Santa Maria dell'Isola in Italy
House in St Jouan les Guérets, Brittany
House in St Jouan les Guérets
Beautiful country house
Beautiful country house
Cute tiny old cottage in the Netherlands
Old cottage in the Netherlands
Best Haunted House” in Phoenix
Haunted House in Phoenix
Old Victorian House, the Pink Lady
Old Victorian House
Cabin at Hudson river valley, New York
Cabin at Hudson river valley
Pallet cabin from artist Patrick Paul
Pallet cabin
Molly Lodge, the smallest castle in the UK
Molly Lodge
The Bishop
The Bishop's Palace
Gatehouse to Lullingstone Castle in Kent.
Gatehouse to Lullingstone Castle
Sacrada Familia in Barcelona
Sacrada Familia
Gate lodge of Ballylough House in Bushmills
Gate lodge of Ballylough House
Chinthurst hill tower at Chinthurst Hill
Chinthurst hill tower
Cottage of Le hameau de la Reine
Cottage of Le hameau de la Reine
Langstone Mill is on the edge of the Chichester harbor.
Langstone Mill in Chichester

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