Unusual and beautiful architecture with odd and bizarre buildings, fantasy cottages, fairytale houses, gate lodges, cabins, tree, dome and funny hobbit houses

On our travels we often see beautiful and sometimes strange houses. I have a fascination with strange and nice buildings so I started collecting pictures of them and also found a lot on the internet. You can see a selection here.

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Brickstone Tanglewood house
Tanglewood house
Hidden House in the Netherlands
Hidden House
Montana Magica lodge lies deep in southern Chile on Unesco nature reserve
Montana Magica lodge
Beautiful cottage in the wood
Beautiful cottage
Faerie cottage in the Enchanted Woods at Winterthur
Faerie cottage
Small wooden house on wheels
Tiny house on wheels
Traditional house of the Toda people
House of the Todas
The Sonnenhaus was built in 1902/03
The Sonnenhouse
The Flatiron Building in Manhattan
The Flatiron Building
Monastery of St George in Wadi Qelt
Monastery of St George
Minakshi temple in India
Minakshi temple
Kalavantin Durg, an ancient Indian fort
Fort Kalavantin Durg
Nice wooden cottage in snow in Sweden
Wooden cottage in Sweden
The Rotunda, designed by ‘Capability’ Brown and built 1754
The Rotunda
Tollhouse in Huizen, the netherlands
Tollhouse in Huizen
A cottage is usually a modest, often cosy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location.
Tiny house
House up side down in museum, Austria
Bat house
Lighthouse in the ocean in Alabama
Lighthouse in Alabama
The Mountain King log cabin
The Mountain King log cabin
Acrylic landscape painting Houses near the River
Acrylic Landscape Painting

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