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On our travels we often see beautiful and sometimes strange houses. I have a fascination with strange and nice buildings so I started collecting pictures of them and also found a lot on the internet. You can see a selection here.

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Christmas tree in Vilnius, Lithuania
Christmas tree in Vilnius
Christmas in Vilnius, Lithuania
Christmas in Vilnius, Lithuania
No Fifty Cheyne is a restaurant in London
Restaurant in London
Bougainvillea covered building
Bougainvillea-covered shop
Newfields Country Store during christmas.
Country store
Christmas in Strasbourg in French
Cabin in snow
Cabin in snow
Oldtimer with tiny house.
Oldtimer with tiny house
Loch Glass, Highlands of Scotland
Loch Glass in Scotland
Teashop in Shanklin, old village on the isle of Wight.
Teashop in Shanklin
The Eschif in Périgueux, France
The Eschif in Périgueux
Pancratiuschurch in Emmen
Pancratiuschurch in Emmen
Charming cabin in Shawnee National Forest
Charming cabin
Black Victorian house
Black Victorian house
Victorian house Queen Anne in Seattle
Victorian house Queen Anne
Vladimir Kolesnikov sculpture in Ukraine
Vladimir Kolesnikov sculpture
Ellirey house in Iceland
Ellirey house on Ellirey
Darkblue Victorian house
Darkblue Victorian house
Cabin in Banff, Canada
Cabin in Canada
Tree hollows occur in both living and dead trees.
Hollow tree

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