Ancient Italian sandsculptures

Click the graphic and you will see wonderful ancient Italian sandsculptures

Sculptors use a special kind of sand that is also used on building sites,
most likely used in the foundations of your home
Sculptures are sprayed with an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable spray that sets the sand hard.
Over time, wind and rain will erode a sculpture, however,
if the sculpture is housed within a protected area it can last for years.
Most sculptures learn their craft on-the-job by participating
in teams at sand sculpting displays around the world and honing their skills
Nothing is added to the sand - the secret that holds the sand together is the hard compaction of the sand.
Little wires at the top of the sculptures are put in to discourage birds from sitting on the sculptures
The size and the number of sculptors play a big part in determining how long it takes
to build a sculpture.
At the end of the event the sand is taken away and reused or stored for the next year’s event


here the sandsculptures of Egypt

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